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  • Thompson Gestation

    Available Sizes:

    50 lb bag....................ralco-gestation

    Feeding Directions:

    Contact us for feeding directions.

    The gestation diet is formulated with proper nutrient levels with amino acids, trace minerals, and vitamins to support the needs of the gestating gilt or sow at a feeding level of 4-5 lbs/day. The addition of fiber allows sows to be more content on a restricted-fed diet and also helps with subsequent lactation feed intake. The goal of this diet is to achieve a feeding level based on ideal body condition and avoid getting gilts and sows to fat prior to farrowing. This diet allows fetuses to develop well and for sows to transition to a higher lactation feed consumption without issues.

    Protein 10.5%

    Lysine 0.6%

    Fat 2.8%


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