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  • Thompson/Ralco Lactation

    Available Sizes:

    50 lb bag

    Feeding Directions:

    Contact us for feeding directions.

    Ralco’s proprietary EnMax® nutrition technology maximizes the available energy that sows need for maximum reproductive performance. The level of amino acids is much greater in this diet that the gestation diet in order to meet the greater amino acid needs of the sow for milk production and to avoid body tissue loss while nursing. The use of crystalline amino acids and enzymes in the diet allows us to meet those requirements with lower soybean meal usage which is beneficial for sow feed intake, increased energy in the diet, resulting in better sow and litter performance. Sows on this diet will have higher feed consumption, better milk production and improved piglet growth and structural development. Sows will maintain better body condition, breed back better, have better reproductive performance in subsequent litters, and increased longevity in your herd, resulting in more quality pigs that will end up in the show ring.

    Protein 15.25%

    Lysine 1.0%

    Fat 5.0%

    Both Ralco Show sow diets contain Ralco’s Synergy Essence™ technology which improves gut health of the sow, supports improved lactation feed intake and reduces health challenges to piglets. To learn more, visit www.ralcoshow.com.

    For Nutrient Analysis, download the product label which will be online soon.


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